About us

NorthSec is the biggest applied security event in Canada, aimed at raising the knowledge and technical expertise of professionals and students alike. We are determined to create a high quality security forum composed of a two day conference featuring the brightest in their field of expertise, followed by an intense 48 hour on-site CTF contest.


Gabriel Tremblay


Benoît Guérette

Vice President Sponsorship

Julien Desfossez

Vice President Technologies

Olivier Bilodeau

Vice President Training

Pierre-David Oriol

Vice President Conference

Florencia Herra-Vega

Co-Vice President Conference

Simon Carpentier

Vice President Competition

Masarah Paquet-Clouston


Shirley-Anne Pagé

Vice President Communications

Serge-Olivier Paquette

Vice President Logistics

Éric Tremblay

Vice President Badge

Challenge Designers

David Goulet

Challenge Designer

Charles F. Hamilton

Challenge Designer

François Chagnon

Challenge Designer

Laurent Desaulniers

Challenge Designer

Michael Jeanson

System Administrator

Philippe Arteau

Challenge Designer

Pierre-Marc Bureau

Challenge Designer

Stéphane Graber

System Administrator

Daniel Boteanu

Challenge Designer

Israël Hallé

Challenge Designer

Jean-Marc LeBlanc

Challenge Designer

Alex Bouffard

Challenge Designer

Olivier Arteau

Challenge Designer

Ahnaf Shahriar

Challenge Designer

Marc-Etienne M.Léveillé

Challenge Designer

Benjamin Vanheuverzwijn

Challenge Designer

Michael Lahaye

Challenge Designer

Simon Déziel

System Administrator

Jacqueline Waitman

Challenge Designer

Thomas Dupuy

Challenge Designer

Peter Heppenstall

Challenge Designer


Sébastien Duquette

Vice Président aux opérations

François Proulx

Frédéric Morin

Challenge Designer

Guillaume Germain

Challenge Designer

Keven Marin


Samuel Audio Visual Guru
Richard Audio Visual Guru
Jérémie Audio Visual Guru
Éric Boivin Volunteer
Erwann Traourouder Volunteer
Greg Houle Volunteer
Alexandre Guédon Volunteer
Caroline Maltais Volunteer
Yannick Lamarre Volunteer
Nicolas Aubry Volunteer
Vincent Labrecque Volunteer
Alexandre Guélaud Volunteer
Louis-Philippe Huberdeau Volunteer
Amélie Bouchard Volunteer
Guillaume Grasset Volunteer
Mélissa Gauthier Volunteer
Simon Veilleux Photograph