Applied Security Event
Bonsecours Market, Montreal
May 21-22-23-24 2015

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NorthSec is amazingly proud to reveal its full speaker line-up for the 2015 edition. For the first time, NorthSec Applied Security Competition will also feature a high quality two day conference.

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May 21st and 22nd

Application & infrastructure

Subjects covered will be as diverse as pentesting, network security, software and/or hardware exploitation, web hacking, reverse engineering, malware/virii/rootkits or anything low-level that makes your personal clock tick :)

Cryptography & obfuscation

From theoretical cryptosystems to applied cryptography exploitation, cryptocurrencies, steganography and covert communication systems, anything goes !

Society & Ethics

Technical subjects are at the core of the security field, but they also exist in a world of humans, affected by their social environment & political context. If you want to exchange great ideas about the digital society and it’s security implications, NorthSec's the place.

May 22nd, 23rd and 24th

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Our applied security contest (also called CTF as in "Capture The Flag") opposes 32 teams of 8 people trying to obtain the most points by capturing flags.

Those flags typically are secret messages hidden in different challenges, covering multiple security fields (networking, binary reverse engineering, data forensics, hardware hacking, and more).

The Challenges will be available to teams through a web portal on their own private contest network, they are not authorized to attack each other (it's not a red/blue team type of contest), they compete to have the most points on the leaderboard.

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Dates and


Thursday, May 21st
Event Registration8h
Opening Speech9h
Lunch12h - 13h30
Diner Break17h30
Flash Talks & Party19h30
Friday, May 22nd
Sponsor Keynote10h
Lunch12h - 13h30
Closing Speeches17h30

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Friday, May 22nd
Participants arrival17h - 19h
Start of the competition19h30
Saturday, May 23rd
Hall opening8h
Scoring system should be open9h
Sunday, May 24th
End of the competition15h
Closing Ceremony16h