Pentesting: Lessons from Star Wars

Everyone knows you ought to threat model, but in practical reality it turns out to be tricky. If past efforts to threat model haven’t panned out, perhaps part of the problem is confusion over what works, and how the various approaches conflict or align. This talk captures lessons from years of work helping people throughout the software industry threat model more effectively. It’s designed to help security pros, especially pen testers, all of whom will leave with both threat modeling lessons from Star Wars and a proven foundation, enabling them to threat model effectively on offense or defense.
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Don’t Kill My Cat

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce a tool and the idea behind it. This tool evades antivirus, sandboxes, IDS/IPS using one simple technique. In a nutshell it abuses of polyglot files and compact low level obfuscation using assembly. The target system can then execute the payload using various vectors: powershell or Windows’ executable.
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Stupid RedTeamer Tricks

Who said that you need to be elite to be a good red teamer?

This presentation focuses on simple, easy hacks that can change the result of a red team assessment.

The 30 minute talk will cover improvements on the age old classic of dropping usb keys (35% increase in payload delivery!); how to reduce your C&C discoverabiltiy; techniques for leveraging Outlook against your victim to improve social engineering and other very simple tricks. By the end of the presentation, audience should be inspired to build upon techniques discussed in the talk and feel more confident in doing red team engagements.
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Stupid Pentester Tricks

Stumped in a pentest? You tried *everything* and yet have not been able to breach your target?
“Stupid Pentest Tricks” presents several dirty tricks/cheats/ways to compromise your target in *creative ways*!

Improve your ProxMark cloning skills, open doors using a universal RFID card, steal keys (no pickpocketing or impressioning skills needed), improve your phishing game and learn the mindset to cheat in a pentest. All this in a 30 minute talk.
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Bypassing Application Whitelisting in Critical Infrastructures

Application whitelisting is a concept which can be used to further harden critical systems such as server systems in SCADA environments or client systems with high security requirements like administrative workstations. It works by whitelisting all installed software on a system and after that prevent the execution of not whitelisted software. This should prevent the execution of malware and therefore protect against advanced persistent threat (APT) attacks. In this talk we discuss the general security of such a concept and what holes are still open for attackers. Continue reading…