Laurent Desaulniers

Team Lead for Pentesting Team

Laurent Desaulniers Team Lead for Pentesting Team,

Laurent is a team lead for a large security consulting firm, based in Montreal. He has conducted over 200 pentesting and red team engagements over the span of 10 years and is still enthusiatic about it. Laurent is also a challenge designer for Northsec and has given talks to CQSI, NCFTA, HackFest, RSI, Montrehack, Owasp Montreal and Northsec. Besides security, Laurent is interested in Lockpicking, magic and pickpocketting.

Talk: Stupid Purple Teamer Tricks

Stupid tricks for everyone! This talk will present very simple, low tech attacks to better achieve your goals, both attack and defense. From a defense standpoint, this talk will present simple tricks to identify Responder on your network, pinpoint BurpSuite activities, block some active crimeware and other simple tricks. Offensive tricks include a very simple NAC bypass, even more physical pentesting tricks and some very simple changes to social engineering that can help a lot.

Workshop: Capture-The-Flag 101

The objective of this workshop is to dive into Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competitions. First, by introducing them. Then by helping both individuals and teams prepare but also evolve in their practice of applied cybersecurity.

We will have various levels (easy, medium, hard) of CTF challenges in several categories (binaries, exploitation, Web, forensics) and we will give hints and solutions during the workshop.

This is meant to be for CTF first timers. Seasoned players should play NorthSec’s official CTF instead.


  • a laptop
  • a programming language of choice (it's usually Python)
  • wireshark
  • a web assesment security tool (Burp, ZAP, Watobo, mitmproxy)