Kristina Balaam

Application Security Engineer

Kristina Balaam Application Security Engineer, Shopify

Kristina is an Application Security Engineer with Shopify. She builds web and mobile security tools and helps discover vulnerabilities in the existing platform. Prior to Shopify, Kristina led a team of developers, building web and mobile applications for enterprise and start-up clients. Kristina graduated with a Bachelor of Computer Science from McGill University in 2012. She volunteers with DEFCON Toronto, founded the Women in Tech Toronto book club, and is a novice boxer, book hoarder, and purveyor of fine cat gifs.

Talk: Not the Droid You're Looking For: Evading Vulnerability Exploitation Through Secure Android Development

The first commercially-available Android device was released in 2008. Despite its nearly 10-year public lifespan, the OS still poses numerous security challenges. Now, as mobile becomes an increasingly popular platform for consumers, we're faced with the challenge of protecting these consumers from new, quickly evolving threats. We’ll discuss why Android security is so much more challenging for software developers compared to iOS and the web, look at the most common attack vectors for the operating system, and walk through best practices for guarding against them.