Thaís aka barbie Moreira Hamasaki

Malware Researcher

Thaís aka barbie Moreira Hamasaki Malware Researcher,

Thaís Moreira Hamasaki is a malware researcher, who focus on static analysis, reverse engineering and logical programming. Thaís started her career within the anti-virus industry working on data and malware analysis, where she developed her knowledge on threat protection systems. She won the “best rookie speaker” award from BSides London for her first talk about “Using SMT solvers to deobfuscate malware binaries”. Recent research topics include malware binary code deobfuscation, generic unpacking and malware analysis automation. She is an active member of the Düsseldorf Hackerspace, where she also leads the groups for Reverse Engineering and x86 Assembly. In her free time, you can find Thaís building tools, cooking or climbing somewhere offline.

Talk: Logic against sneak obfuscated malware

Malware is sneaky. Malicious codes are implemented to stay hidden during the infection and operation, preventing their removal and the analysis of the code. Most samples employ some sort of packing or obfuscation techniques in order to thwart analysis. Similar techniques are also used to protect digital assets from intellectual property theft.

Analysis tools help getting new insights that can be used to secure software and hardware by identifying vulnerabilities and issues before they cause harm downstream. Tools and techniques beyond standard debuggers can enhance analysts capabilities with better adaptability and automation.

This talk will give you a small taste on some practical applications of SMT solvers in IT security, investigating the theoretical limitations and practical solutions, focusing on their use as a tool for binary static analysis and code deobfuscation.