Charles Hamilton

Penetration Tester

Charles Hamilton Penetration Tester,

With more than 8 years of experience delivering Information Technology and Information Security services to various government and commercial clients such as a banks, nuclear industry and lay firms. Having the opportunity to perform RedTeam against complex and secured environment allowed him to develop a certain expertise that can be used to navigate through the target network without being detected. Since 2014 I'm also the proud owner of the RingZer0 Team website that have more than 28 000 members worldwide. The RingZer0 Team website is a hacking learning platform.

Talk: A Journey into Red Team

This talk will describe many issues that a redteamer may face during a Red Team exercise. Being stealth is one of them; avoiding detection of your lateral movements, phishing campaign and post exploitation are crucial to succeed. Over the years I've developed tools and different approaches that can be used during standard engagement and Red Team to remain stealth and move more efficiently into your victim network.

During the presentation several techniques will be described and analyzed to understand the idea behind them.

Workshop: Capture-The-Flag 101

The objective of this workshop is to dive into Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competitions. First, by introducing them. Then by helping both individuals and teams prepare but also evolve in their practice of applied cybersecurity.

We will have various levels (easy, medium, hard) of CTF challenges in several categories (binaries, exploitation, Web, forensics) and we will give hints and solutions during the workshop.

This is meant to be for CTF first timers. Seasoned players should play NorthSec’s official CTF instead.


  • a laptop
  • a programming language of choice (it's usually Python)
  • wireshark
  • a web assesment security tool (Burp, ZAP, Watobo, mitmproxy)