Blackhoodie: Crash Course in Binary Exploitation

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This two day workshop aims to shed some light on reverse engineering with a crash course in the wild and weird world of binary exploitation, or taking advantage of a software bug to get a program to do something you, a hacker, want it to.

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Mary Walker Principal Security Consultant, Malware Analysis Specialist

Mary is a security engineer who works on digital forensics and malware analysis with a focus on all things malware. Her current role is structured to support incident response, and she loves helping defenders keep organizations secure. She writes and tests binary exploit challenges for capture the flag competitions for fun and got her start in security by writing buffer overflows. She’s been working in Infosec for just over three years after earning an MS in Cyber Security; she holds an OSCP, GCFA, GREM, and GXPN. Mary lives in Seattle, WA with her husband, German Shepherd, and cat. Outside of security, she’s excited about mechanical keyboards, PC gaming, dogs, coffee, and books. Feel free to reach out on Twitter, you can find her @mairebear.