Crypto Attacks and Defenses

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JP Aumasson Cryptographer, Teserakt

Jean-Philippe (JP) Aumasson is the founder and managing director of Teserakt, a Swiss-based company specialised in IoT security and offering an end-to-end encryption solution. He is an expert in cryptography and the author of the reference book Serious Cryptography (No Starch Press, 2017). He designed the widely used cryptographic algorithms BLAKE2 and SipHash, which he developed after a PhD from EPFL (Switzerland, 2009). He regularly speaks at leading security conferences about topics such as applied cryptography, quantum computing, or blockchain security. JP also holds advisory roles in Kudelski Security and Taurus Group.

Philipp Jovanovic Post-Doctoral Researcher, EPFL DEDIS Lab

Philipp Jovanovic is a post-doctoral researcher at EPFL’s Decentralized and Distributed Systems (DEDIS) Lab, Switzerland. In 2015, he obtained his PhD in cryptography from the University of Passau, Germany and in 2020 he will join the Information Security Research Group (ISRG) at the University College London (UCL) as an Associate Professor. Philipp has worked on a broad set of topics in cryptography, security, privacy, and systems design, including encryption algorithms like NORX and OPP/MRO, and distributed security protocols like ByzCoin, RandHound, OmniLedger or drand. Philipp's research is regularly published at top-tier academic crypto/security venues and you can find him frequently speaking at conferences around the globe.