Adversary Tactics: Red Team Ops

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Ryan Cobb Operator and Red Teamer, SpecterOps

Ryan Cobb is an operator and red teamer at SpecterOps, who specializes in building offensive security toolsets. Ryan has contributed to several open source security projects, such as Empire and Invoke-Obfuscation, and is the author of PSAmsi, SharpSploit, and Covenant. Ryan has presented at several security conferences, including: DerbyCon, BSides Austin, and BSides DFW. Ryan maintains a blog at where he shares research and development projects.

Brian Reitz Threat Hunter and Operator, SpecterOps

Brian is a threat hunter and operator for SpecterOps with several years of experience performing penetration tests, red team engagements, and adversary hunting. Brian has lead and provided expert assistance for dozens of technical security assessments for large private-sector clients and government agencies. He has performed multiple long-term adversary detection and continuous monitoring assessments, combining commercial and open source tools to provide extensive visibility into enterprise networks.

Calvin Hedler Red Team Operator, SpecterOps

Calvin is a red team operator with SpecterOps, and has several years of experience with red team operations and penetration testing. With SpecterOps, Calvin delivers training courses, performs red team engagements, and assists with tool development, specializing in Aggressor Script. He has also spoken on penetration testing and red teaming at several conferences, including BSides Detroit, GrrCON, and A2Y.asm. Before joining SpecterOps, Calvin performed penetration testing and red team engagements for smaller organizations across the United States.

Lee Christensen Red Team Operator, SpecterOps

Lee is a senior red team operator, threat hunter, and capability engineer for SpecterOps. Lee has performed red team and hunt engagements against Fortune 500 companies for several years, and has trained on offensive/defensive tactics at events throughout the world. Lee enjoys building tools to support red team and hunt operations. Lee is the author of several offensive tools and techniques, including UnmanagedPowerShell (incorporated into the Metasploit, Empire, and Cobalt Strike toolsets), and KeeThief.