Tightening the Net in Iran

How do Iranians experience the Internet? Various hurdles and risks exist for Iranians and including outside actors like American technology companies. This talk will assess the state of the Internet in Iran, discuss things like the threats of hacking from the Iranian cyber army; how the government are arresting Iranians for their online activities; the most recent policies and laws for censorship, surveillance and encryption; and the policies and relationships of foreign technology companies like Apple, Twitter and Telegram with Iran, and the ways they are affecting the everyday lives of Iranians. This talk will effectively map out how the Internet continues to be a tight and controlled space in Iran, and what efforts are being done and can be done to make the Iranian Internet a more accessible and secure space.

Mahsa Alimardani , Article 19

Mahsa Alimardani has been doing research and work on the politics of Iran’s Internet for the past six years. She leads on some of Article 19's Iran digital rights projects while she does her DPhil at the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford, researching communications technology's and how they affect political participation in Iran's information control space. She has also been Iran editor for the citizen media platform Global Voices for the past five years.