Smart contract vulnerabilities: The most interesting transactions on the Ethereum blockchain

Smart contract security is a brave, new, and sometimes terrible field. This presentation will take you through some of the most famous vulnerabilities of these first few years (from the Dao hack, to the Parity wallet vulnerabilities ... and including less-well-known but very interesting events like the DDOS attacks from late 2016). We'll explain the details of how these attacks work(ed), some of the idiosyncrasies of Ethereum, and through these examples some general principles of smart contract security.

Sarah Friend Software Engineer,

Sarah Friend is a software engineer working at a large blockchain development studio on tools for financial transparency/accounting. When not doing that, she creates games and other interactive experiences. She has recently exhibited with Furtherfield at the Neon Festival in Dundee, Scotland, and presented at the Montreal International Games Showcase. In 2018, she will be part of the MoneyLab program by the Institute for Networked Culture in London, UK and at Transmediale in Berlin.

Jon Maurelian Security Engineer, ConsenSys Diligence

Jon Maurelian is a security engineer at ConsenSys Diligence, where he works to ensure that Ethereum smart contracts are transparent, trustworthy, and reliable. He helped build a decentralized name registrar for the Ethereum Name Service; authoring the spec, and auditing the final implementation. He is a regular writer and speaker on smart contract security. Prior to joining ConsenSys, Maurelian worked at Coinbase.