COVID-19: NorthSec 2020 Goes Online!


We are proud to announce that thanks to the implication of the entire volunteer team, the support of our partners and the continued involvment of our speakers & trainers, we will be able ot host an exclusive ONLINE EDITION of NORTHSEC 2020. The entire NorthSec team is currently making considerable efforts to ensure the continuation of the event! We salute their tenacity and creativity!

Here’s what you need to know so far for each portion of the event :

Training Sessions

There will be training sessions held in an online format at a reduced price. We are currently working on new arrangements with each trainer and most training sessions will take place online.

Competition - CTF

We are happy to announce that for the first time we’ll have a NorthSec 2020 CTF Online! It will be similar to what you are used to but in an online format, because we’re not set yet to host tens of thousands of online participants across thousands of teams and want to keep the “intimacy” of the NorthSec CTF format, we’ll give priority to people already registered, and will try and limit ticket hoarding for the new registrants.

This new format allows us to have bigger teams of up to 20 people! We suggest you merge existing teams together. Don’t worry, solo participants will still be merged in a team before the event takes place.

Conferences & Workshops

We have worked very hard with current speakers to confirm that there will be online Conferences and Workshops but in a shorter and different version of the usual NorthSec conferences. Schedule announced soon!

We’ll keep everyone updated soon; follow us on Twitter for all the updates as they come.

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