Stupid RedTeamer Tricks

Who said that you need to be elite to be a good red teamer?

This presentation focuses on simple, easy hacks that can change the result of a red team assessment.

The 30 minute talk will cover improvements on the age old classic of dropping usb keys (35% increase in payload delivery!); how to reduce your C&C discoverabiltiy; techniques for leveraging Outlook against your victim to improve social engineering and other very simple tricks. By the end of the presentation, audience should be inspired to build upon techniques discussed in the talk and feel more confident in doing red team engagements.

Laurent Desaulniers

Laurent is a senior penetration tester for a large ISP in Canada with many years of experience in that field, having done countless pentests in many diverse environments. He is enthusiast about physical security as well as application security and converted his extensive field expertise in being of the most prolific challenge writers for all of the past NorthSec events.