Hacking POS PoS Systems

Hackers try to find the easiest ways to achieve the most impact. When it comes to credit card fraud, compromising Point of Sale (PoS) systems is the latest trend. The presenters will share their experience on how attackers can exploit both technical and policy gaps to breach organizations. This talk will cover approaches to physical security, kiosk breakouts, and the extraction of sensitive data. It’s laced with real-life examples, including a detailed discussion of recently disclosed critical vulnerabilities in Oracle’s hotel management platform.

Jackson Thuraisamy

Jackson Thuraisamy is a Security Consultant at Security Compass. His combined experience in software development and security consulting has made him a specialist in compromising and defending application security. He likes to hunt critical vulnerabilities and plan targeted operations. He has also implemented an enterprise-wide secure SDLC initiative for a Fortune 100 client and taught defensive web security courses internationally.

Jason Tran

Jason Tran is a Security Consultant at Security Compass. Coming from a Computer Science background, his specialty lies in application security and identifying bugs in code reviews. For one of his notable achievements with a Fortune 500 client in online financial services, he has developed a Secure SDLC training program which is currently being used by the developers across the corporation today.